Sunday, September 5, 2010

A Father's Day Card

Hello my fellow paper artists

Just wanted to post a pic of the father's day card
I made for my husband.
He looked at what I made him and he said
" baby I can't believe how much effort you went to"
How sweet, I was grateful that my DH acknowledged my time & effort
Honey you are a sweety, and you are always grateful for what I do for you.
Thank you for being a wonderful husband & father.
(I am a seriously lucky girl)!

Hope you all had a lovely father's day yesterday!

My poor Hubbie worked so I visited my lovely cousin

and we had a craft day (not much crafting got done though).

We were too busy chatting!

Back to post some layouts soon.

Give thanks to trees & spread the love

Shel x

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  1. You are very lucky but so is your hubby! I love the card! The textures, colours, twine and owl are all gorgeous!! Beautiful...