Saturday, September 4, 2010

Challenge #6

Hi Ladies
My husband finally left the building and I
was able to photograph my completed challenge.
It is not a very good effort but all I had time for this week.
I saw this somewhere on the internet (can't remember where)
and I downloaded the free pattern for future reference.
So here is my M&M packed little shirt & Tie 3d Project.

I made this little tag using a Stampin' up stamp.
I tried to tie it so it would hang at the front
but it just didn't work so I decided to place it on the back.
Not my best effort but I know my hubbie will love the M&M's inside.

I am glad that challenge is over, who's idea was that? LOL!

Till the next challenge

Give thanks to trees & spread the love

Shel x


  1. It's gorgeous! I love it! I really like that green :-)

  2. that's gorgeous, Michelle! I love the colours and I'm sure your hubby will love it too. I think it was you who commented on my blog about photographing layouts (you didn't put your full name and I know a few michelles LOL). Thanks for that - I think I finally figured it out. I was having a blonde moment and just trying to get used to the new lens as it's a bit different to shooting with the standard lens that came with my camera (55mm).

  3. Superb! As usual =-)