Sunday, August 8, 2010


I got a parcel in the mail today.

YEAH!!!! Some scrapbooking goodies. Don't you think it looks yummy? I do! Well I just had to tell you that I purchased all of this for less than $70, that's right ladies less than $70. This site is having a closing down sale so everything is cheap cheap. Got to love that!
I am looking forward to playing with it all but work must come first aaaggghhh!!!!!! I will post my 3rd challenge in a couple of days and hopefully a page or two.
Give thanks to trees & spread the love

Shel x


  1. That's exciting Michelle! It all looks so great. Best kind of parcel to get isn't it.
    I spent a lil too much there myself ;) Value for money though lol

  2. Wow, nice goodies there, Michelle. Thank you sooo much for your advice re the camera lens. I tried to look for you on facebook but there were a few Michelle Duncans lol. I am Tanya Halse Tahir on there - add me :)